Ancient as time and light-footed as the moment

That's what the bedouins say about the saluki.

The saluki - also called Persian Greyhound - is one of the oldest breeds existing today. Archeologic excavations in the countries of origin (the Middle East) suggest that the breed has been existing as far back as 6000 years b.C. - 8000 years! Excavations furthermore suggest that the breed at that time looked exactly the same as today.

Due to tradition a saluki was never sold. But it could be given away as a sign of friendship or gratitude or it could be changed for other "equal objects" such as a couple of wives, horses or camels. Those salukis that originally came to the western world were also given as gifts, first of all to officers from England and France who were posted in the Middle East. 

The saluki is a rather healthy breed. The average duration of life is high and it's not unusual that salukis get 10-14 years of age. Besides most of them are active in an old age provided that they get enough exercise - both physically and mentally. The saluki loves to run and rather fast! For that reason it's preferable that he frequently finds outlet for his need to run. Participating in lure coursing is an excellent kind of exercise for the saluki.

The saluki is a quiet and friendly family dog inside the house. Outside he is brisk and playful. He's a sensitive and reserved dog who knows "his own". As a youngster he can be very active and sometimes very imaginative. A saluki won't walk at your heels begging for attention all the time, but lies quietly and relaxes untill something exiting happens. He is very attached to his family and especially the person who takes care of him.

The saluki can be very affectionate towards his friends but is not ingratiating and doesn't like anyone to force themselves on to him.

The apparently quiet family dog often turns into an efficient hunter when he catches sight of for instance a cat or a deer outside. You have to be aware of that hunting instinct if you let him run unleashed and it's important to train him to come when called upon.