How it all began


I've always loved dogs and already when I was 16 years I decided that one day I would like to breed dogs. 

I'd thought I would breed collies which is a breed I also like a lot. That it ended up being salukis is a coincidence. When I met my husband to be - Kaj - he had Afghan Hounds. A breed I already knew and had admired. But he'd like to have salukis some day, and when we got married in 1986 he got a saluki Esfahan Diibaajah and I got a cairn terrier Tjeps Bell Latona.

One year later we got our second saluki Samoems Sheenan. She was a daughter of the double WDS Best in Show winner Ch. Abrisa vom Felsenkeller and I would have loved to breed a litter from her but as we at that time also had a couple of children I didn't think I had the time and energy to raise a litter so I decided to wait a while. I don't just want to breed just to breed. It also has to be fun.

In 1997 when our children were a little bit older we bought a saluki bitch from the Khalils kennels in Sweden - Khalils Gazal Bint Changrila. She was to become our foundation bitch.

In 1999 i got my prefix Al-Dabaran which is Arabic and means "the follower". It is also the name of a star Aldeberan from the zodiac sign Taurus and better known as the bulls red eye.

Then finally in 2000 we bred our first litter - the Z litter and in 2005 we bred our second litter - the Y litter.

I had hoped for another litter in 2008 but due to different circumstances at work it didn't turn out that way. 

Since 2010 I have been breed representative for salukis in the Danish Sighthound Club.

We got our first Australian Terrier Tatong's Let's Flirt (Sisse) in 1998 as our daughter wanted one. I had known the breed from the beginning of the 1970's where my cousins had one of these wonerful little dogs.

Sisse reached the age of 17 and in the meantime we had got our next Aussie, Nellyson's Åh Good Golly Miss Molly whom we still have.