Al-Dabarans first Aussie litter is here!

On 31. October 2016 Molly gave birth to 8 healthy puppies. 3 males and 5 females.

Sire of the litter is Fastlove's Flash.

We decided to use Flash for Molly because they are very much alike in type and both have the same wonderful, sweet temper. Besides we think they complement each other very well.

Both have had their eyes and knees checked without any remarks.

Flash only needs one more CAC to become Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish Champion and Molly only needs one more CACIB to become an International Champion

Inbreeding coefficient for the litter will be 0.

Pedigree can be seen under "Pedigree litter 2016"

Serious inquieries are welcome. We expect the litter to have show potential but the most important thing formusmis that our puppies are placed in good loving and caring homes where they can live as one of the family.

  • Fastlove's Flash

  • Nellyson's Åh Good Golly Miss Molly

The boys:

Al-Dabaran Viggo

Al-Dabaran Jerry

Al-Dabaran Tom

The girls:

Al-Dabaran Minnie

Al-Dabaran Cindarella

Al-Dabaran Daisy

Al-Dabaran Pebbles

Al-Dabaran Wilma